Home page & Regular Schedule

Home page & Regular Schedule

Welcome to The Wet Mountain Sangha!


A Zen Buddhist community in Pueblo, Colorado dedicated to the path of awakening.  While Zen is very much an individual undertaking, it can be much more powerful practiced in community, and the sangha community becomes a wonderful support for practice.  All are welcome, and no prior experience is necessary.

Save the following dates for upcoming retreats at the Center for Inner Peace:

March 10th, May 12th, August 8th-13th (this will take place offsite), and October 13th.


Visit the Retreats Page for more information about the March 10th retreat.


Regular Schedule:


The group meditates weekly on Wednesdays and on the second, and fourth Saturdays of each month at the Center for Inner Peace 740 W 15th St 81003.

Wednesday Sittings

Every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm at The Center for Inner Peace. Arrive 20 minutes  early for a brief introduction to meditation, and/or read the basic meditation forms page.  

6:00 Welcome and brief orientation

6:05 Introductory Chant

6:10 First 25-minute sitting meditation period

6:35 Walking Meditation

6:45 Second 25-minute sitting meditation period

7:10 Readings, Thoughts, and Announcements

7:20 Closing Chant

7:30 Conversation

First Wednesdays- 5pm Work In The Room

This is an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a teacher and explore the territory of Zen practice together. Each session is 10-15 minutes long and you can sign up as you arrive at The Center for Inner Peace.

Third Wednesdays – 5pm Practice Check-in, and 6:45 Dharma Talk

On the third Wednesday of every month at 5:00 PM, Andrew Palmer, Sensei, is facilitating a Practice Check-in in the Center basement before the regular Wednesday sitting. These drop-in sessions are forums for discussions of bringing our lives to practice, and bringing practice to our lives. No pre-registration required, and it’s O.K. to come a little late if your schedule requires it.

Dharma Talks – There will be one period of meditation followed by a Dharma Talk by Andrew Palmer, Sensei, and a discussion.

Saturday Sittings 

On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month from 8am to 10 am, also at the Center. On Saturdays, there are four sitting periods of 25 minutes each, beginning on the half-hour, with walking meditation in between. No chanting or readings, just meditation. Come for all or part of the time, but please enter and exit the zendo during the walking meditations.

8:00  First 25-minute sitting meditation period

8:25 Walking Meditation

8:30  Second 25-minute sitting meditation period

8:55 Walking Meditation

9:00 Third 25-minute sitting meditation period

9:25 Walking Meditation

9:30 Fourth 25-minute sitting meditation period

9:55 Closing Chant

Second and Fourth Saturdays – The Bodhisattva Way Precepts Series 10:15am-Noon

precepts flyer

Fourth Saturday – Full Sutra Service 9am

Enjoy an explanation and reciting of the full Open Source Sutra Service during the 9am meditation period.

Second Friday – Koan Gatherings 6pm

These are koan seminars led by Andrew Palmer, Sensei. Second Friday of every month, 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the home of Kerry Kramer.  Email Sensei if you’re interested in joining alpsensei@gmail.com