Steering Committee

Steering Committee


Wet Mountain Sangha is a religous organization. The sangha steering committee (SC) includes the  officers of the sangha, practice leaders and interested sangha members. Doug Mesner chair, Programs and Finance Merrilee Barnett, Secretary Kerry Kramer, and Website Kayci Barnett.  The SC also coordinates with our teachers concerning  activities and direction for the sangha. Anyone  associated with the sangha is welcome to attend SC meetings, which are posted in the Schedule  portion of the website. The sangha is entirely dependent on contributions (dana) from members and friends for the financial health of the community. All contributions are devoted entirely to the sangha’s operating expenses, which include primarily rent,  supplies, and periodic capital investments in  durable equipment to support our shared meditation and dharma study practice. In 2014, the sangha is expanding its commitment to the Center  for Inner Peace, to closer work with our resident  teacher, and to our retreats scholarship fund. All contributions of any amount are greatly valued and critical to the survival of the sangha. They may be sent to the sangha treasurer Merrilee Barnett PO Box 566 Rye, CO 81069, or by clicking the donate button on the website.

Steering Committee Minutes

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